Small Group IP PBX Bundle Promo

Share lines internally and externally and in between. Over the internet or over the LAN. Over the fixed Line networks or over Mobile networks. You do not need a full one to one map of lines with the associated cost. You could map one to many and share the cost.

Even Skype lines can be mapped into these phones. Other low cost VOIP lines can be mixed in with this combination.

Conference calls, Video calls, IVR, voice mail to email are just a few of the many possible features.

Group your users by their roles, departments, ranks and more. One user can belong to more than one group. Increased flexibility from the analog or digital keyphones or PBX/PABX.


IP PABX Solution

Number plate Recognition CCTV

Add on to your existing Analog CCTV solution. Number plate recognition good for deploying at guard houses, entrances, parking lots, street (both public and private) and more. Capture that number plate of the vehicle entering and exiting your premise or community.

No longer is it necessary to impede traffic flow to gather information. Use tools to ease your monitoring.

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Special Form WiFi IP CCTV

There are the standard cctvs, single wire cctv, IP CCTVs. But cctv in their normal form can stand out and look out of place in some environments. Which is normally the intention. To be a visual warning and indicator than actions are observed and possibly recorded.

But in some instance aesthetics and blending into the environment is the expectation of the day. For these instances you have the Wifi Light bulb CCTV. Additional and specific wiring is optional. It fits into some of the standard screw in lamp fixtures.

It can remain hidden and out in plain view for the purpose of monitoring and recording without being an eyesore to the surrounding decorations.

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This is one of the DIY possible CCTV solutions KANSHARE SDN BHD (all things IP solutions) provides.


CCTV in a Light bulb

IP Phones Yealink – Smart Media Phones

IP technology driven communication terminals. Video Conference capable. Colour and touch screens. Generic OS Platform (Android).

Upgrade your terminals and your communication systems for a friendlier interface.

Break away from the confines of singular telephony operator and transmission type. Communications today is more than just the POTS or PSTN or ISDN. It supports that and more. (VOIP low cost internet carriers, Skype, Mobile phone lines (insert Sim into the correct card type) and more)


Latest Single wire CCTV Prices – POE

Power Over Ethernet (POE) one of the family of single wire IP CCTV Solutions.

Here are the latest POE CCTV KIT prices.

So simple you can Do It Yourself. (D-I-Y). Just choose what you need. Make payment and send proof of payment. Then send in choice of pick or delivery method of your liking.

Installation solution also offered. Priced separately.



POE CCTV Solutions Feb 2017

Power Over Ethernet (POE) one of the family of single wire IP CCTV Solutions.

Quality, Feature Rich and Reliable. Rivaling well known and established brands at a fraction of the price for similar specifications from those brands.

Among the features are Cloud access, Facial Recognition, Perimeter fencing, motion detection, Google drive, DropBox and Baidu storage options.  FTP options, email alerts and more.

Ala Carte or Kits all available.

Also available are analog and IP Hybrid Recorder NVR/DVR (Network Video Record/Digital Video Recorder.

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Latest Single wire CCTV Prices – POC/EOC

Power Over Coaxial (POC)/ Ethernet Over Coaxial (EOC) one of the family of single wire IP CCTV Solutions.

Good replacement CCTV solution for places whom have an existing analog CCTV system and would like to upgrade to an IP CCTV system.

Save on rewiring cost. (reuse existing coaxial wire). Save on separate power supply. Not even an twin cable for power.

So easy it can be a Do It Yourself Project. Minimal configuration required.

Interested? Choose what you need. Make payment. Send Proof of Payment. Choose method of pick up or delivery. Send us the details. And wait for the system to arrive.

Installation solution also offered. Separately priced.

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Latest Single wire CCTV Prices – PLC

Power Line Communication one of the family of single wire IP CCTV Solutions.

Latest PLC CCTV KIT solution Prices.

Less wiring, Less mess, Less Hassle.

Easiest in the Do It Yourself (D-I-Y) Class visual security solutions.

Just choose what you need, Make order, Make payment, Send Proof of payment then send us your choosen method of pick up or delivery.

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PLC CCTV Kit solution