Add On Solutions Updates 2014

When you are an entrepreneur whom works alone in his organisation, at times more than anything is to get access to additional support. Searching for solutions at that time can be daunting.

Look no further!

KANSHARE SDN BHD continuously works to add on Supporting Solutions for you our entrepreneur that may have needs that may vary in time needed and complexity of that Solution.

8 Add on Solutions

Hot Desks Updates 2014

Just because you dont use a fixed office facility, apart from your home office, it does not mean you cant have access to one.

If you miss working around people, just for the atmosphere or for the networking or maybe just to have access to more facilities without costing you a lot, a hot desk as you demand or need may be a solution for you.

KANSHARE SDN BHD has a solution that can cost by the hour upwards and packaged to your needs.

7 Hotdesk

Conference Rooms 2014 Updates

Who is having a meeting? More than two persons? Need a display for your items to discuss? Not appropriate to discuss at your favorite Kopitiam?

KANSHARE SDN BHD has a solution for you!

Use our Conference Room Solution that seats 8 comfortably, a 46 inch LCD TV for presentation display, a Smart Board with “Save to USB” and “Print Immediately”. function.

Along with that you have access to our Fast 10 Internet connection and high speed printer/fax.

6 Conference Room

Private Office 2014 Updates

As comfortable as it is to work in your home, many studies and also personal experiences by our entrepreneurs suggest that having an office to ensure discipline and continued routine is important.

Along with that cost management, the need to ensure as minimal hassle nor change to your speed that you attend to your business needs is high on your priority to your decision to move to an office.

Simplicity is what is needed. Hassle free. Resources and features that can be added on as your need arises. Even in the manner and for the period that you may require that could even be short.

Here at KANSHARE SDN BHD we have that in mind when we built our private offices for your usage.

5 Private Office

Virtual Office 2014 Updates

As the business environment in Malaysia toughens up, so does the creativity of our entreprenuers. The concept of sharing, staging cost in your business growth, is more acceptable today then previously.

In fact it is expected of our entrepreneurs to consume less to deliver the end quality product to their customers.

In line with those aspirations we at KANSHARE SDN BHD continue to innovate our product offerings, from the point of cost as well as product make up.

Here are our latest offerings for the Virtual Office Spehere of our product line.

1 VO Packages 2 Basic VO 3 Prof VO 4 Premier VO

New Routers LTE Mobile and more

Routers the life line of our shared internet connections of today.  Our need for sharing goes beyond sharing the link with people around us, but also to the numerous devices we own.

This enables us to pursue our even greater need which is to have the digital data fix each day but also to share our selves and our lives digitally.

Check out a new router for your self or loved ones.

Routers, Wifi, Mifi


Meeting Room with facilities for rent. Even by the hour

Ever needed a meeting room for a short period and not on a daily basis?

Needed the facilities that go with it? Big Screen TV for presenting items for discussion or information dissipation?

Internet and printing facilities? Smart Board with straight to print or copy to thumb drive facilities? Keep the interest and attention of all your participants on you. Email it back to them when you are done.

Contact us. We have hourly plain vanilla rentals or even packages specific to your needs.

Break Ins, Abuse, Losses… Get some Peace of Mind with a CCTV solution


You have many concerns and constraints today. Break in, monitoring remotely of your loved ones when you are not around, kidnappings and much more.

You may not be able to solve it, nor prevent it. But you definately can deter it with tools. Enhance your preventive action with tools. Even increase your response options with tools.

One tool is a CCTV solution.

Going with an IP CCTV solution, you can have easy remote viewing.


Email Alerts, Remote duplication on the cloud, On demand recording locally, remote storage location or even on terminal.

Going Dlink it can even use almost any kind of internet connection.