Portable scanners – mouse and wand formats

Portable scanners. Mouse and wand format. For that scanning and control of the real world documents to the virtual world workable information.

Scan anything anytime for the purpose some time saving where would normally result retype work otherwise.


When you done with your Tech Gadgets reuse, recycle

Today there are many gadgets that we may have left over. Instead of just storing them or dumping them into the bin. Gather them together and donate them. If there is no one to donate to. You could try reselling used items at lelong.com, ebay, mudah.my or even cash converters and kakilelong. However if those options don’t work out. All is not lost, there are many collection options for it to be recycled into reusable material once again.

Some of your options could be the original sellers of those products or even manufacturers. Some shops that do have these facilities are AllIT, Harvey Norman (periodically) and some other options are as below.

Note some give you cash or even coupons or points. Responsible disposal is always the best.


1. Soon Fatt Electrical recycling

Name: Kelvin Low

Hp: 016-675 5790

2. Tech Recycle

HP: 01252 757790

Email: info@tech-recycle.com

Website: http://www.tech-recycle.com/


3. Computer Cycle


Tel: 03 33744559



4. Scrap Computer Trading Sdn Bhd

Lot 8, Jalan Beremban 15/12,

Seksyen 15, 40020, Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +6 03 55115522 / +6 03 55115533
Fax: +6 03 55117575



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Brands we work with

In all that we do we work with many companies and individuals. And these are the brands they bring to our table. And we extend it to you.

Brands We Carry Brands We Carry 1

MyScan Mouse

A Swiss Technology Mouse Scanner – Great Features with just a Click

MyScan is a Swiss Technology computer mouse with a build-in scan technology. It is integrated with text recognition (OCR) frame works. Supporting over 190 languages, Text Tables and Images are instantly editable in Word, Excel or other popular application. With a click, contents can be shared on popular social networks or by email. It allows fast and error free data entry into any application.

Myscan Mouse

Myscan Mouse 1

In just 3 simple steps:

  • Click the scan button to start scanning
  • Move Myscan over the document and just scan it!
  • Save it, Drag&Drop to edit or share it via email and social media