ASUS – Notebooks, AIO and CPUs Mar2018

Time for renewal? New notebooks, AIO (All In One PC) and CPUs. Send in your old machines for responsible disposal and declutter. Get a new machine and speed along.

Gamers Custom Built PC – High performance Gaming Machine November 2017 Price

The year comes to a close. Schools start to close down for the year. (Normal Malaysian National Schools).

This time could be used for developing Kids skills or letting the big kid in us out.

Check out our latest custom gaming machines. Higher specifications and custom builds available by request.

These machines also suitable for video rendering, High Resolution Art/Graphics work and more.

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Yeastar S-Series VOIP PBX (IP Keyphone System)

Upgrade your Telephony and intercom system for Office or Home to the S-Series Yeastar IP PABX.

Works with any SIP based IP Phones and SIP software clients on Windows, IOS and Android.

Skype lines and other forms of VOIP lines can be interfaced to the system for shared access by all within your organisation.

Family overseas? Have a normal Telephone line? a family Skype account with shared credit? Want to make family voice conferences possible? Get the S- Series VOIP PBX.

House too Big? Everyone in different parts of your home? No one wants to get up and go to the gate? Need to call out to the entire family? Get the S-Series VOIP PBX. Have intercom and shared distributed telephony services for the entire house and family.

Replace the school bell and PA system with the S-Series VOIP PBX system. Use the terminals for School bell, PA broadcast system, inhouse music, call transfers, tracking of students transfering from class to class and much more.

Asus product catalogs for all products

The insides of most devices have some Asus component.

PC (Mini) – The Gigabyte Brick I3 and I5 small foot print big power

In the small foot print big power category comes Gigabytes contribution. Nice agronomic design that would fit in your home entertainment rack to a space at your work table.

Want it ordered online? Pay by bank transfer and deliver with start up connectivity within klang valley or by group buy within same area within greater klang valley by appointment included.

Else order. Pay then come pick it up your self. Have a chat with our geek boys (by appointment) at no extra charge, on some of your enquiries.

More information or wish to order? Contact us on or call at +60377100851. We also do mail order.


Gigabyte Brix GB-BSi5H6200 Gigabyte Brix GB-BSi3H6100


CCTV solutions that come with power and video on one cable. No separate power sources or additional wall sockets required.

No more messy complicated cables and dedicated skill set to install your CCTV solution.

Monitoring on any device from PC, Laptop, TV, monitor, smart phone and tablets. Simple with an App that is easily downloaded and installed on your device.

Locally within your home and also from remote over the internet.

Worried that remote access will require complicated configuration? Have no fear. Its a simple login that is provided to you. All you need to do is to download your app, install then login.

Worried that disconnection of your phone lines will let the culprit get away? There are solutions to take care of the stolen recorder. You can also setup as secondary recorder or pc as a recorder. Or export periodically to storage device locally in your home or office and cloud support such as google drive and drop box to store your recordings.

There are also facial recognition for faster tracking of the faces and times the faces were in your domain. (Home or office).

There are also perimeter breach alerts.

Also supported are external sensors for breach alert and activation of recording. With this your security becomes active alarm and recording system.

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We have this in kit form. Preconfigured and can be mailed anywhere within Malaysia for you to just take out of the box and install at your leisure. Or get the local handy man to help you install. (Installation here means mounting the cameras and laying the cables back to your NVR and internet connection. Configuration can be already done ahead of time.)

Dont know how to install? Need an installer. Ask us. We can get that sorted very easily with a quote and an installer.

Rental and Leasing Solutions also available as well which include maintenance and replacements during contract.

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Hanmin_16 Ch NVR Hanmin_2.0MP IP Bullet Poe Hanmin_2.0MP IR Dome Poe Hanmin_2.0MP Varifocal Dome Poe