CCTV Solutions – PLC (Power Line Communications) Technology for IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV systems


PLC CCTV. Have a 13 Amp power socket plug them all in. Connect NVR to your tv as one of your channels and you have home security up and running. So easy we didnt even cost for installation. You can do it yourself.

But if you dont want to install it yourself, contact us at and we will give you a cost for installation at your site. Suitable for temporary deployment at mobile sites too.

cctv plc

cCTV over 13Amp socket power


CCTV solutions that come with power and video on one cable. No separate power sources or additional wall sockets required.

No more messy complicated cables and dedicated skill set to install your CCTV solution.

Monitoring on any device from PC, Laptop, TV, monitor, smart phone and tablets. Simple with an App that is easily downloaded and installed on your device.

Locally within your home and also from remote over the internet.

Worried that remote access will require complicated configuration? Have no fear. Its a simple login that is provided to you. All you need to do is to download your app, install then login.

Worried that disconnection of your phone lines will let the culprit get away? There are solutions to take care of the stolen recorder. You can also setup as secondary recorder or pc as a recorder. Or export periodically to storage device locally in your home or office and cloud support such as google drive and drop box to store your recordings.

There are also facial recognition for faster tracking of the faces and times the faces were in your domain. (Home or office).

There are also perimeter breach alerts.

Also supported are external sensors for breach alert and activation of recording. With this your security becomes active alarm and recording system.

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We have this in kit form. Preconfigured and can be mailed anywhere within Malaysia for you to just take out of the box and install at your leisure. Or get the local handy man to help you install. (Installation here means mounting the cameras and laying the cables back to your NVR and internet connection. Configuration can be already done ahead of time.)

Dont know how to install? Need an installer. Ask us. We can get that sorted very easily with a quote and an installer.

Rental and Leasing Solutions also available as well which include maintenance and replacements during contract.

Call us at +60377100851, fax +60377100852 or email us at



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