When you done with your Tech Gadgets reuse, recycle

Today there are many gadgets that we may have left over. Instead of just storing them or dumping them into the bin. Gather them together and donate them. If there is no one to donate to. You could try reselling used items at lelong.com, ebay, mudah.my or even cash converters and kakilelong. However if those options don’t work out. All is not lost, there are many collection options for it to be recycled into reusable material once again.

Some of your options could be the original sellers of those products or even manufacturers. Some shops that do have these facilities are AllIT, Harvey Norman (periodically) and some other options are as below.

Note some give you cash or even coupons or points. Responsible disposal is always the best.


1. Soon Fatt Electrical recycling

Name: Kelvin Low

Hp: 016-675 5790

2. Tech Recycle

HP: 01252 757790

Email: info@tech-recycle.com

Website: http://www.tech-recycle.com/


3. Computer Cycle


Tel: 03 33744559



4. Scrap Computer Trading Sdn Bhd

Lot 8, Jalan Beremban 15/12,

Seksyen 15, 40020, Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +6 03 55115522 / +6 03 55115533
Fax: +6 03 55117575



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Brands we work with

In all that we do we work with many companies and individuals. And these are the brands they bring to our table. And we extend it to you.

Brands We Carry Brands We Carry 1

ASUS HD media player (Oplay hd media player) – Rental and Demo Unit Sale

IMG_0098Media player from Asus.

Has Apps embedded within.

LAN support. (wifi possible with correct wifi adapter)

HDMI and other support for audio and video.

Internal Hard disk supported. But not included.


hd2/1a oplay media player.


1 day rm30

1 week rm100

1 month rm250

T&C’s Apply.

Asia box media player with channel apps included – Rental and Demo Unit for Sale

IMG_0100Asia box media player.

Internal Hard disk supported but not included.

HDMI and other interfaces for audio and video.

LAN, (Wifi possible with correct donggle)


1 day rm30

1 week rm 100

1 month rm250

T&C’s Apply.

Magica media player – Rental and Second Hand

IMG_0101Networked media player with in built channels and LAN support.

Has Apps within for browsing, channel support, media display support for video and pictures.

USB thumbdrive and harddrive insert supported.

Network route to network drives supported.

With right adapter wifi is supported.


1 day rm10

1 week rm50

1 month rm 150

T&C’s Apply.

Rental, Overstock and 2nd hand sale of Tech Items

We have decided to put together this section to reduce what we send to the land fill. With this we also aim to reduce the cost of users to have use of the features tech items bring without having to invest too much into it.

The items here are either from items that have been traded in, been used as demo units, over stocking or just items left over after upgrades. They generally still work but may not meet the needs of the original owner.

This section targets to serve the following users.

Short term users whom need to use some items for short periods of time rental may prove to be the most convinient rather than purchase. This would save the user on storage, not having to keep old technology that does not serve their purpose, help increase utilisation till failure and much more. These occasions could be should the item in question have failed and requires repair or replacement, this could be the stop gap measure for the user. For a short term event that needs that piece of equipment that you just dont have. The event that needs more of the item but not for a long time. Rental may serve this purpose.

Budget users whom are looking for a cheaper alternative or an option to try before buying a unit of thier own for the longer term. Rental or purchase of the overstocked or second hand items may meet your needs.

What ever your reason do check out our new section and its offerings.

Terms and conditions do apply.

Note items are as is basis. No configuration is included in this offering. If you need help configuring there are charges that are separate. They are segregated into at our location and onsite. Charges differ from location to location and period.

All products are direct configurations do not take care of integration or complex configurations nor gurantee reliability in extended use situations or other wise.



Mini TV – Stream from the web

The Mini TV dongle is designed to be plugged into a TV or a monitor via HDMI, allowing you to run Android apps on a big screen. You can connect a keyboard, mouse, game pad, or other accessories and watch movies, stream videos from the internet, play games, surf the web, or check your email with this device.

Mini TV

All in one FLY Mouse is a remote control + keyboard + mouse, all integrated together. It does not require a flat surface to function. It can be used directly by shaking or moving it in the air. Works with the MINI TV.

Mini TV_Fly Mouse