Want to use Mobile Phone lines as your Office Main lines?

Your Key phone system does not just need to Use LAND LINES from your telecoms providers alone. You can use mobile lines too for your office Line needs.

You could also do a mix of LAND LINE and Mobile Phone lines.

Or where no LAND LINES are available the total use of Mobile lines alone.

Why have Mobile modules in your KEY PHONE SYSTEMS (IP PABX Systems are also IP KEY PHONE SYSTEMS).

  1. Cost savings. The operator provides preferential rates for using their service.
  2. Area has no wire phone lines available.
  3. Shortage or wire phone lines
  4. Redundancy should your wire phone lines go down.
  5. Mobility that needs to be shared in the case of temporary offices, event locations and more…

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GSM Modules for IP PABX systems


Another Reason to go IP PABX as your Key Phone Technology of Choice!

Order a Laptop customised to your requirement


Now you can customize your laptop. Choose the parts you want, choose the colour you want, choose the pattern that is makes your final finish externally.

Customised laptop Rev 1

Now you can customise your laptop to your needs…




These are the parts you can customise.

Customised laptop Rev 2


How do you customise?

Customised laptop Rev 3