ASUS – Notebooks, AIO and CPUs Mar2018

Time for renewal? New notebooks, AIO (All In One PC) and CPUs. Send in your old machines for responsible disposal and declutter. Get a new machine and speed along.

Hard disk (HDD) – Toshiba 2.5 and 3.5 Internal

Big disks, small disks. All internal harddisks. Toshiba 2.5″ and 3.5″ internal harddisk. Running out of space on your PC? NAS? Media box?

Hard disk aging?

Look at the latest Toshiba HDD prices for both PC, Laptops and more.

Note HDD should be replaced regularly if your usage is high. Maintenance such as defragmentation and cleaning will extend your hard disk lifespan.

(need help reinstalling or moving your data. Email us at for consultation options)


Portable Hard drive – Maxtor 2.5″ M3 1TB External

Is your back up disk more than a year old? Is it reaching 3 years old? If you are a high user best to move your valuable data on to a newer disk and use the older disk for less valuable data or current working backup.

Also if you are a user with no back up except what is on your device. Time to get a back up disk.

You only rely on free cloud back up service. For the most important data make sure you have an offline back up in your hands with the use of at least a external Harddisk (HDD) if nor a NAS (network access storage. email us for more info on NAS options)

Today the loss of your data could be devastating even for the home user. Even if it is just memories, they could be important. We are human.