Handheld Thermal Monitoring and Measuring Solution

With the current times, the need to monitor various states is increasing. The latest is the temperature of your staff and guest entering your premise.

Get the convenient hand held solution from one of the largest growing manufacturers of security monitoring tools.

Security isn’t just theft but also health and more. Keep your business and premise secure. Deploy these hand held units generously through out your premise.

Interested in securing a unit? Email us at enquiries@kanshare.com

Training of your people also available.

Temperature Measuring CCTV

In these times using the normal temperature meter for checking your staff and guest can be tedious and time consuming.

Use this solution which can be moved as necessary to any of your entry points for checking the state of health of a person based on temperature measurement. Also capture their images for facial recognition of persons detected to require further check.

Interested in the solution email us at enquiries@kanshare.com

Dahua Access Control – Only Available in December 2019!!!

Dahua one of the leading brands for security products from China. Well established in the forefront with AI features soon to introduce the latest line of access control products.

Either buy and self install or get us to provide you a full solution with installation and basic training.

Interested email us at enquiries@kanshare.com