Protect your Home – Use KANSHARE CCTV rentals

There are many reasons to go with a CCTV Rental Package rather than straight up ownership. It could be just plain need to have more than just the ownership of the tool (CCTV). you want access to expertise of all variety of domains related to security and tools. From hand holding on use, to repair and replacement to just response to ascertain what kind of assistance is required.

It could also be a financial aspect. Too much to out lay at one go, opex is better than capex for businesses due to accounting and taxation structures.

It could also be incidence handling assistance from removal of incidence video to archiving video footage.

Our rental solutions provide you design, installation, maintenance and replacement within the contract.

All you need to do is sign up for the required solution and we will do the rest.Security Cam_PTZ Security Cam_Outdoor CCTV Rental - Fisheye