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The insides of most devices have some Asus component.

PC (Mini) – The Gigabyte Brick I3 and I5 small foot print big power

In the small foot print big power category comes Gigabytes contribution. Nice agronomic design that would fit in your home entertainment rack to a space at your work table.

Want it ordered online? Pay by bank transfer and deliver with start up connectivity within klang valley or by group buy within same area within greater klang valley by appointment included.

Else order. Pay then come pick it up your self. Have a chat with our geek boys (by appointment) at no extra charge, on some of your enquiries.

More information or wish to order? Contact us on or call at +60377100851. We also do mail order.


Gigabyte Brix GB-BSi5H6200 Gigabyte Brix GB-BSi3H6100

CCTV Solutions – POE (Power Over Ethernet) IP (Internet Protocol) Technology for CCTV

One wire two functions. Power for the cameras (Device) and video back (signal) all the way back to the recorder.

Sold as a kit with everything you need. Self installation. All you need is some

  1. tools. A drill, a couple of screw drivers..
  2. Materials for mounting the wires neatly. Either cable pins (U or p style) or PVC trunking (rectangle or pipe form).
  3. And sweat.

The DIY enthusiasts delight.

Not one? Fear not. Send us a request to provide an installer and the quote for it to be installed. Send us an email at or phone +60377100851.

The same network cable that you have been used to now will carry power and the video back to your recorder. No hassle of getting a electrician to bring power to each spot you wish to have a CCTV located.
For remote viewing it has a manufacturer provided server account for viewing your cctv on your phone/smart device APP (IPHONE AND ANDROID supported) and any notebook pc.


4 CH POE IP & NVR Kit_UV 010616 8 CH POE IP & NVR Kit_UV 010616