ASUS – Notebooks, AIO and CPUs Mar2018

Time for renewal? New notebooks, AIO (All In One PC) and CPUs. Send in your old machines for responsible disposal and declutter. Get a new machine and speed along.

Shared Service Office Solutions – Solutions in hourly form

When doing business whether starting up or long standing cost savings is always a good motto to adhere to. Offer cost effective solutions and products to your customer. So save by paying for what you use, when you use it.

Look at our solutions we have broken them down to the smallest possible products. No hidden terms to surprise you. Buy more save more. Commit more save more.

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Serviced Office Solutions Sept 2017

Serviced Office Solutions. From virtual to physical. Even down to skill solutions. We broke it down to smaller cost solutions. Less commitment and more use as you need.

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Small business owners… own the business not the complications…. Let us simplify it for you….

Brands we work with

In all that we do we work with many companies and individuals. And these are the brands they bring to our table. And we extend it to you.

Brands We Carry Brands We Carry 1

Shared Presenter Tool software – Mersive

Move away from the risk of incompatibility, messy switch over process, variety of hardware settings, fixed single presenter at a time using single cable to projector or TV screen.

Switch over to dynamic discussions and presentations.

Go Podium mode (one user at a time), control by one mediator or

Free Style Group discussion where parties can all show what they mean using their own terminal and own material from where ever the source may be. Be it drop box, corporate server, individual remote terminal, gmail, Internet website, Email or many more sources and share to all in the discussion.

Mersive 4 users 1 Mersive 4 users 2 Mersive 4 users 3 Rev 1