Mini TV – Stream from the web

The Mini TV dongle is designed to be plugged into a TV or a monitor via HDMI, allowing you to run Android apps on a big screen. You can connect a keyboard, mouse, game pad, or other accessories and watch movies, stream videos from the internet, play games, surf the web, or check your email with this device.

Mini TV

All in one FLY Mouse is a remote control + keyboard + mouse, all integrated together. It does not require a flat surface to function. It can be used directly by shaking or moving it in the air. Works with the MINI TV.

Mini TV_Fly Mouse


For the Hi-Fi enthusiast that may be familiar with brands such as Bose, Goodmans and such. This will bring quick recognition to this brand. As these brands continue to grow in this market, by providing good quality sound to users of the Multimedia segment of PC/Notebook/Tablet, we will continue to see more designs and features offered for this. discerning user.  Altec Lansing_VS2620 VS4621

Negative & Slide Scanner






Memories captured in a moment years, if not decades ago on film, slides or pictures. Protect them further by moving them from their celluloid or specialised paper form to a digital form.

Get your self a scanner purpose built for the transfer of all your images from negatives and slides to digital pictures. Get higher clarity and forms of picture that can be later edited at your lesuire using one of the many softwares or just keep it as it is.

Negative & Slide Scanner_1 Negative & Slide Scanner_2 Negative & Slide Scanner_3 Negative & Slide Scanner_4



A good alternative to the normal tablet offerings are the Momo series of tablets from Ployer China. What makes them stand out from other tablets are their features that are available in the majority of their models. These features number among mini hdmi output ports that you may use for displaying on projectors and TVs with HDMI ports. This gives visual and sound in one cable, with high quality at times going up to HD (high definition). The current model below is in the near 10″ class tablet. With current quad(4) core processor.  Also Momo brand of tablets come with built in USB ports for connecting USB devices such as external storage, mouse, keyboard, and other USB devices to enhance your usage of this tablet. Also included is the Micro SD CARD slot. This allows you to “grow” your storage capabilities of your device.

MOMO19 Tablet_PriceMOMO19 Tablet_Teaser MOMO19 Tablet_Specification

External Storage


This form of network storage is one of our smallest offerings available from us. This storage card may be used in digital cameras, laptops, tablets, devices with an adapter to host this card, scanners to name a few devices. What makes this storage unique is that it provides a peer to peer (connect wifi device to wifi device) so that you may take your data (Which could be pictures, videos, slides, power points and more) while it is being captured. Or should i more accurately state near the completion of capture of your data.

A good example of this in use would be during an event. You have your photographers running about taking pictures. You have one person sitting down and grabbing those pictures almost immediately, editing or embedding it into your presentation,then displaying it. This will give that “hot off the press” feel for your event.

ezShare WiFi SD Card