Yeastar Base Unit IP PABX Price Update Oct 2017

Yeastar Based unit. Increase the features and functions with wireless set, add on cards for Single Line, PRI lines (Bulk Lines), VOIP Telephone line Providers, Mobile phone network support (GSM), Panic Buttons, Intercoms, Conference Phones, Visitor management systems (Intercom), broadcast systems, PA broadcast and more.

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Supports voice mail to email, call centre features spy mode, whisper mode and barge in, Voice call recordings among a extended features along with the standard features of CDR for tracking usage and more.

Small Group IP PBX Bundle Promo

Share lines internally and externally and in between. Over the internet or over the LAN. Over the fixed Line networks or over Mobile networks. You do not need a full one to one map of lines with the associated cost. You could map one to many and share the cost.

Even Skype lines can be mapped into these phones. Other low cost VOIP lines can be mixed in with this combination.

Conference calls, Video calls, IVR, voice mail to email are just a few of the many possible features.

Group your users by their roles, departments, ranks and more. One user can belong to more than one group. Increased flexibility from the analog or digital keyphones or PBX/PABX.


IP PABX Solution

New Routers LTE Mobile and more

Routers the life line of our shared internet connections of today.  Our need for sharing goes beyond sharing the link with people around us, but also to the numerous devices we own.

This enables us to pursue our even greater need which is to have the digital data fix each day but also to share our selves and our lives digitally.

Check out a new router for your self or loved ones.

Routers, Wifi, Mifi


Break Ins, Abuse, Losses… Get some Peace of Mind with a CCTV solution


You have many concerns and constraints today. Break in, monitoring remotely of your loved ones when you are not around, kidnappings and much more.

You may not be able to solve it, nor prevent it. But you definately can deter it with tools. Enhance your preventive action with tools. Even increase your response options with tools.

One tool is a CCTV solution.

Going with an IP CCTV solution, you can have easy remote viewing.


Email Alerts, Remote duplication on the cloud, On demand recording locally, remote storage location or even on terminal.

Going Dlink it can even use almost any kind of internet connection.


















CCTV Rental – Hari Raya 2014

Try our Security camera rental solution during this raya to have some Peace of Mind.

Like it maybe you can add on for total ownership.

KEYPHONE System – IP PABX bundle offers….




Get yourself a group based communication system. To keep all your work grouping and networking of your communication within your company to all your external customers and partners seamless and up to date.

Extensions via apps on your smart phones made possible with an IP Based PABX/PBX.

Yeastar Bundle 1
Yeastar Bundle 2