The meeting room

At any one time in the entire cycle of a business, meetings are very important as they pose the essence of two parties finding an oppurtunity or need to collaborate with each other.

For comfort and ease a good meeting facility will make this all the more pleasant.

KANSHARE provides meeting rooms with the basic technology of smart boards where the essence of a meeting whiteboarding can be immediately emailed to all parties. Saving the need to use the digital cameras and manual copying for all to retain the common notes.

In line with that projection is updated with LCD televisions that support VGA, HDMI, Component and composite video.

In line with that also our upto date IP PABX communication system that can be configured to support skype in calls, normal telephony, mobile telephony, Internet telephony all in the same environment for a comprehensive and cost saving conference meeting.

Wifi gives you the freedom of movement fr your access to the internet, data resources, Printing and more.