Neighbour hood Security Solution Ideas for Current Times – What can be done

To go forward with bettering your neighbourhood and its security it has to be more than just robbery but also any loss due to fire and the need for quick unobstructed access of ambulances, fire engines and police response vehicles.

So how will you go about creating that?

Going with the three intertwined sections of :

  1. Tools
  2. Monitoring
  3. Response

We will approach with a list of items that we can adapt and adopt to prepare for the improvement of the above 3 sections ability to deliver safer neighbourhoods.

The list which is not solely limited to the items listed are:

  1. Creating Zones
  2. Tools (Fixed and Mobile. Making them feature rich.)
  3. Inventory (Quantity, placement, lifespan, lifecycle)
  4. Strategies on Coverage Extension
  5. Strategies on Funding.
  6. Strategies on Work Force.
  7. Strategies on Process and Accountability.
  8. Strategies on other tools and the extension of those tools in terms of availability and accountability.
  9. Legal awareness.
  10. Training
  11. Last but not least the translation from strategies to working implemented activities.

In the following articles we will approach these topics in better detail and at times in brief to get you started on making your neighbour hood safer without antagonising your neighbours. Allowing at all time for those whom are driven, those whom wish to be left alone, those whom want safety but not willing to pay, want safety and willing to get involved all to coexist in the community, be it a closed community that has strata status right to open communities with individual titles.

Do not break the law to achieve what you call safety. You are only creating opportunity for the law breakers to proliferate.

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