Our Business in Shared Serviced Offices

It is almost a year since we have started conceptualizing our Shared Serviced Office Business. Years before when it became a seed of an idea.

We had finally opened since June 2009 after much haggling with sellers, Lawyers, Contractors. Much money, time, and also loss of revenue went into the building of this business.

The same and most common question is why shared serviced offices? Well over the years we have had many small businesses that we had started. Working on the concept of either a home office or even sharing of some friends office and even going with similar complementing business office premise sharing.

The common denominator we found that drove us to those mechanisms or options was when you start you have many issues behind your business. Positive mindset people would refer to this as opportunities. People whom love to be challenged say hurdles to overcome.

What ever the answer is, the practical reason is that you need to keep cost down or constant. And the only way is to share it. To keep it efficient get the specialist in the fields to deliver it. This happens everyday even with established businesses. The concept of out sourcing spoken very highly for many years has come up over the years in many forms. Some say outsourcing, some say managed, Some just say rental.

It is just simplistically said when building a business keep to your core. So if you are into importing\exporting keep to importing\exporting. Things like formating, IT, security and communication facilities buy in a manner that fits your needs. Capacity is where it is going. Reason? Things change, skill set require retraining, people behave differently according to many different reasons. What is in your skill area or business area is easier to identify with, and with that you have a better chance of addressing. If it is in an area you are unfamiliar with this is where it can take more out of you, thus distracting you from your core business. That is more of the many pitfalls fledgling businesses fall into.

So with those experiences personally and also as spoken through the many people that we have interacted with through the years. We had come to this. Shared Serviced Offices or what we rather categories in a broader sense the Managed\Unmanaged Facilities and skills providing business.

Over the next few weeks we will go through many aspects of setting up a business and also staying afloat.