Its been a good month

Its been awhile since our last post. No we have not added more towards how much starting businesses cost. But we will soon.

But a little off tangent on this post. Recently we have been having more interest than usual in our offerings.

As people drop by we share our principals and ideas on what we are doing and how it helps them.

It is surprising that many people in the SME market are not aware of the current trend of only doing what is key to your knowledge and out source what isnt.

With the globalisation and business scheme of people whom invest in stocks and shares of businesses to make money, no longer out of their skill and effort, but how much money they have that has driven the market to a frenzie to make more for their share holders every year, year on year.

The effects of this is more tol on the staff and less rewards for them.

So our main principal.

Everybody a business owner and consumer. Like the days of old we in a sense barter our skills and trade with each other only using a common denominator…Money!

So what we are trying to provide is a platform with all the support to all business owners and potential business owners to make something for themselves. In a sense we could be taken as an incubator.

So to end this lets all get back to basics.

“Be a business owner and direct consumer. Lets cut all those layers back to minimum.”

Do contribute your ideas. We will be starting a business ideas blog shortly.