Pt2. How to handle data and create redundancy?

As mentioned yesterday. The soft/digital format of our data is growing and the level of backup in hardcopy is fast becoming scarce. As such redundancy in soft/digital format is becoming more and more important.

Today the most common method is people making another copy of the same on the same harddisk. For those fortunate to have corporate resources on their company server.

Other methods also are burning cd/dvd(a more permanent format but has its possible failings, see more in the future on this method), Thumbdrive (we will explore this further in later parts), external Hdd and now the NAS (network access storage). This is fast coming a more apparent good choice for most situations if employed properly.

Stay tuned for our next post where we will discuss the NAS further with the ensuing further post with all the other methods in more details.

Pt1. How to handle data and create redundancy?

Today almost all our data is in soft/digital format. Which means it is stored in electronic bits and bytes. This includes our memories in what used to be printed photos with negatives and videos.

The loss of this can be sudden as well as drastic. The cost of recovery if possible is also costly. But the loss of those memories can also be priceless. But the amount you may be able to pay may not be what is required.

So to follow an old adage “prevention is better than cure”. It would be good to be like a good boy scout and “be prepared”. As such back up in as many forms will be good.

There are many solutions. And all solutions its proper application. Stay tuned we will describe this more in the days to come.

Over the Internet printing and faxing solution

There are times that documents require fast printing printers or full media support (capable of printing all sizes(b4,a4,a3 etc) and materials and your local printer does not work or support it. It would be convenient to have an alternative printing method.

At KANSHARE we have thought this through and are able to provide you a pre paid remote over the internet printing account. This account will give you the access to print on the various medium sizes and request specific printing material (subject to availability and respective charges).

This printing and fax(works like a printer) just required the correct drivers and account activation to function.

Interested? Enquire with us at

The need for technology tools in todays business

When embarking on a new venture today, technology usage and support is very important. As such finding the right provider is important. The task of finding one is normally daunting as the terms and jargon can be out of this world.

There are times you may find a credible sounding support system(this being person, organisation and tools for the purpose of providing efficient delivery in your business) only to find out at a later date when it fails that useful solutions are far from ideal. The normal retail solution would be replacement. However if your usage is high a strategy for migration may prove to be challenging. Or rather in the small organisation or providers for this segment to be non existent.

With the above elaborated very simply but not throughly nor completely. We at KANSHARE have leveraged on our partners and business partners to provide this at a cost effective consultative manner.

Since June 2011 we have also expanded this in house solution to a small tech retail solution shop. So that we may better support our customers in thier day to day challenges.

Why take an office and not build one?

Many may question why anyone would take an office with facilities included with other companies there too?

Well today with the ever rising cost, building an office with the tools you need would be best with the economies of scale. Meaning if you could maximize the usage of all the facilities.

Also if you are a one man or few man organisation, whose main concentration is on his specialty such as sales, tech deliveries, consultancy and many more. You would not want the difficulties nor the complexities of the day to day running of the administration. As such you will want to out source it too.

Another part would be the business network possibilities when in such an environment.

The possible reasons just go on.

The meeting room

At any one time in the entire cycle of a business, meetings are very important as they pose the essence of two parties finding an oppurtunity or need to collaborate with each other.

For comfort and ease a good meeting facility will make this all the more pleasant.

KANSHARE provides meeting rooms with the basic technology of smart boards where the essence of a meeting whiteboarding can be immediately emailed to all parties. Saving the need to use the digital cameras and manual copying for all to retain the common notes.

In line with that projection is updated with LCD televisions that support VGA, HDMI, Component and composite video.

In line with that also our upto date IP PABX communication system that can be configured to support skype in calls, normal telephony, mobile telephony, Internet telephony all in the same environment for a comprehensive and cost saving conference meeting.

Wifi gives you the freedom of movement fr your access to the internet, data resources, Printing and more.

What does a virtual office consist of?

The virtual office basically consist of contact points.

They can be a business address in general and exclusive format.

They are also telecommunication points as general or dedicated telephone numbers with or without answering solutions. SMS responses. Fax handling (sending, resending, receiving, resending via email)

Snail mail collection and handling (receiving, distributing, scanning for email redelivery), in general and dedicated form.

Email Handling and redistribution or responding.

Printing services via the internet and much more.

Ask us what else could we do within the virtual office form of the office solutions.

Who uses a virtual office?

From a start up business, at the one man operation mode, to the expansion with one or more partners whom are always on the move with no real need for a permanent location and the associated costs.

This is a method practiced even by Multi National Companies where by the pool and centralise their resources to save cost and get most efficiency via the fact of maximising the practiced easy with expertise of individual reusable skills.

Thus reducing cost of redundancy, providing continuous employment and more.

This is one method for smaller organisation to achieve the above. It also then allows the business person to maximise their time to secure their business in the area their expertise is appreciated. Slowly gathering the knowledge in the other areas that complement a full fledge business support organisation such as receptionist, accounts clerks just to name a few.

It also can provide the smaller business owner a smoother momentum towards understanding and scaling his organisations learning level at a pace they can manage, taking on the work that brings the most benefit to the business.

Why a Shared Service Office Solution?

The reason people go for share office solutions is to manage the rising cost, the human capital management (training, holidays, administration etc) and the business resource learning cycle (secretarial, accounting, auditing, record keeping, etc).

Our Solutions go based on a pay as you need, save as you commit. What we mean by that is pay for what ever service in the capacity that you need as you need it. Save as you commit, when you plan and actually utilise plus decide on how often for how long you will use. Then we can help package a price solution, managing the resources efficiently with less waste and wait, yet flexible enough to allow you to get your day to day activities completed efficiently.

Look towards our product topics in out other posts.