What is normally required in a Service Office

In a Serviced Office the basic function of presence and attendence is address via the basic virtual or represented form. This segment requires a small physical space for General Address, Dedicated Mail Box, Reception (General Hosted Version), Telephony (Dedicated Extention is a good offer, cost savings with an IP PABX), Fax service (Local and Remote Faxing Solution to local and international destinations is very useful. Many nifty options these days. Even Cloud provider variants with local in country distributed faxing to keep cost down), scanning services (scan from physical to email for letters and documents), document management solutions (Scan, mail, arrange and file both softcopy and hardcopy).

So items required are renovated cabinets with individual locks or electronic locking systems for up scale lower labour cost offering, receiption table with chair, Photocopier or printers with printing, scanning and faxing features), PabxPBX/KeyPhone System (IP PABX if want more features lowered costs), phone lines (can support GSM as well as standard lines) and internet connection all contained in a small location with environment  system (aircon, refreshing air) electricity and facilities for basic washing and body functions.

As you scale up to hot desking or work grouped offices your premise requirements get bigger. The earlier facilities included and scaled accordingly. Then add on of LAN cabling, LAN switches and or Wifi, desktop phones, more desks and chairs with medium partition separators, door access (general or specific access ranging from basic numeric control, to card access up to biometric.), CCTV, pantry service, pots, cups, saucers, cutlery, plates, coffee machine, water dispensers, pantry furniture and reception furniture.

Another model where the price against cost is relevant you may offer private offices for one or two persons. You could also provide a mixed environment of hotdesking and work grouped offices. The requirements are the same with a difference in scaling and quality.

Meeting facilities is a must. It can be offered from small, medium, board room or seminar scale meeting rooms. They can be offered in packaged, per head, metered mode or mixed price measure. What you would need is a good presentation systems (Projector, screens, TV), collaboration presentation tools, discussion surfaces (Glass, white/black boards, smart boards, flip charts), conferencing facilities (tele and or video).

Thats about some of the offerings that you can provide with the equipment that you will require. Just dont forget the people. No matter which model you choose to offer in what ever format unmanaged, semi managed and fully managed you will need people. It could be you or you could hire some people to fulfill a basic hold together roll for your business.

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Our idea behind Office Sharing Business Partner and Associate Collaboration

Office Sharing is just one small part of the entrepreneur facilities support business area. It starts with virtual offerings (which is shared representation of what the entrepreneur does not have or does not wish to invest in)

Mind sets

There are also many mind sets as to how this business should be built up from and carried out.

You could buy a franchise from a well established possibly international brand. They provide you a standard start up to get into the business. It is a quick and normally little to think about way of getting into the business. The down side is that it could work out to about as much as you earn as an employee at the end of the day. This is normally due to the upfront charges for franchise purchase, the rev share or royalties that may be charged and such. However it does have a point where even with this if you do not look at it from a percentage point of view but the absolute figure that you run through. It may look attractive. Especially since you do not need to think of branding build up, strategy, retraining, re branding, packaging and packaging logic. You could also get instant customers from brand recognition and referrals within the brand.

You could build from scratch. Herein lies the real excitement. As you can build a custom or boutique offering to your customers. And seriously the SME segment does need some customising according to the area that you are operating from. Some considerations are the demographics of the area. In some areas cheap, privacy is not a requirement, open plan options with high run rate such as hot desking is a good option. In some areas an upmarket feel is required. Not necessarily that the value for that environment is fully appreciated with returns that are easy to secure. But a little creativity can make it profitable. The variety and scale is immense and can make your blood race with the possibilities.



There is the more established name brands strategy which is the international, multi countries, multi location within each country. Their ability to be flexible is quite limited if they wish to manage the cost, as such they would have very clear developed offerings that are standardised. Their target audience is very specific. They also do mix of facility offerings. One good example is residence with office.

Then there is the mid tier multi-location outfits maybe even established in a few countries in the world but not so widely established as the name brands. Their sphere of establishment normally is driven by where their customer grow to or where partners may have interests in. Hence completeness of presence as when measured against the name brands may be less complete but they can be occassions where they will penetrate in locations that may be deemed not feasible by the more established brands. Hence here is where they will shine.

Then on the open tier, this is where most boutique to mass production outfits operate and may even grow to one of the other tiers. Some also lie in between the levels. What this tier offers is wide as is their spread of products to offer till where they could be located. For this segment the cost and price structure is very fluid.

Kanshare idea

At Kanshare like our name we are always into sharing the potential, the profits and the risks. At the open tier level where there are established businesses a collaboration of skills, ideas and offerings in addition to cross selling each others products which range from facilities to solutions. We believe the market is very wide and competition needs not be unfriendly. The sharing can even be from a point of sharing suppliers list and bulk buying.

Cost can be kept down by using the fluid labour and independent labour partners using the fixed shared service office as a platform.

With this association and collaboration model in place via working agreements and cross selling agreements, the space and product offering can be widen. Customer disappointment and inconvenience of searching will be lowered as recommendations can be provided as alternative to all sales enquiries.

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So much to collaborate on… coffee machine on the lease

For the business owner especially in facilities solutions providing such as office space and skills for the entreprenuer small or even the expanding to the region customer to this type of offerings. There is much to learn on a daily basis to address the needs of our customers as the environment for them changes too.

As such collaboration within our industry and also helping hands to grow it mutually for new and even experienced hands is always good.

Something as simple as a choice of offering for coffee can be a great help. We have stumbled on one coffee machine provider whom leases their machines out at the cost of the coffee capsules, no upfront. At the end of a period the machine is owned by you. What makes their offering more attractive is that they provide you a loaner machine should yours require a take back to service centre maintenance activity..

Their capsules come in many flavours. And capsule based coffee machines are so much easier to handle and cleaner.

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For the entrepreneur who is starting out or even ones whom have been running for a period of time. Education via formal classes, workshops, seminars is always useful.

This is where we will start with small articles by the owners with their partners and eventually other entrepreneurs of differing business areas and categories to share their experiences and tips so that you will get more options in your start up planning or continuous growth planning and assessment of your business and the direction you would like to take it.

Later this will grow into workshops, then formal training. But at this time articles and recommendations of reading articles and workshops that may be useful will come up here.

Facilities Building Solution

Intentionally worded that way to bring attention to the fact that our solutions takes into account above just Secure Premise Access (via door access solutions such as pin or card access and intercoms triggers)

We help to design, implement and provide stage growth solutions according to your needs rather than just your available budget. If you spend more could be because you value the extras. There are other obvious reasons but we rather advice you not to if that is the reason.

Some of the solutions we can provide you are:

Premise access

  1. Pin/card/biometric access
  2. Intercom based pin/visual verification access
  3. IP CCTV triggered access
  4. IP Remote trigger access


  1. All IP Solutions
  2. Data communications for LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide area Networks including public Networks like the Internet) and Peer to Peer Networks
  3. IP Intercoms/ IP PABX/PBX/ IP Key Phone Solutions
  4. Video Intercoms
  5. IP CCTVs

Data Solution

  1. Server based storage
  2. NAS (Network Access Storage, basically hard disk on the network) based storage.
  3. Web Based (Cloud) based storage (recommendation and implementation available)

Smart Office Control Solutions

  1. Any infra red based remote control to be made network based access and control (Curtains, Blinds, Projector Screens, TV Cupboards, Aircon, TV, Sound Systems, Lights, Door and much more.)
  2. Certain Radio based remote controls to be made network based access and controlled.
  3. Shared Screen presenters and Smart presenter solutions. Have meetings in multiple locations and have your people dynamically attend with participation till sharing information in all forms from what ever platform.
  4. Video walling solutions
  5. IP Multi Location Visual displays to display one source of information or multi sources of information. You could even sequence it.

Web Presence

  1. Assist in getting you a domain to a simple web presence all the way to more complex web presence solutions (Website etc)
  2. Social Media Presence assistance (Facebook, twitter, myspace, instagram,  and more)
  3. Instant messaging Presence and policies (whatsapp, line, viber, beetalk, kaokao talk, and much more)

Technology Support Solutions

  1. Terminal Support. (PC, Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone) All platforms
  2. Terminal Supply, installation and commissioning
  3. Network Design, supply, installation commissioning and support
  4. Data Recovery
  5. Data Support
  6. Data Movement

These are just some of the solutions we provide. We have categories we have yet to name. Such as remote working and virtual presence solutions categories.

Keep your eye on us.

Coming soon a New Business Partner Segment! Shared Facilities Aggregation

Coming soon for potential for seasoned business persons, new to business and business want to be.

What is Shared Facilities Aggregation?

This segment of the shared facilities business where a business owner has more premise than they reasonably need to use. But have taken on as it is part of the entire tenancy or facility they have acquired in either rental of purchase.

It is part of our growth assistance to our workgroup office customers whom have grown and have found difficulty finding work group spaces and facilities. As such they had to have their own facilities built. (We provide Facilities Building Solutions for you too.)

So as any shrewed business owner would love a way to maximise the use of their space or lower their cost.

Here is where our new solution product line comes into play.

Add on infrastructure to have Mailboxes, Physical office space from Single Occupancy all the way to Work Group capacity, Meeting Rooms for board meetings or more to Seminar Rooms for multilevel marketing seminars, holistic sessions and more.

Keep a look out for our offerings in this area of business.

More information soon.

Partner Program

If you are: –
In this Business of either providing in part or the full suite of Shared Office Solutions, partnering up with us will spread our reach in terms of geographical area and solutions.

Would like to become a Business Owner in this business but have little or no knowledge of it.
A Property Owner who would like to increase your per square foot\meter yield.
We can provide you a solution!
We, together with our partners can get you started and keep your business running.
Learn and share our methods. Get help developing one that suits you best.

Contact us at: Enquiries@kanshare.com