Coming soon a New Business Partner Segment! Shared Facilities Aggregation

Coming soon for potential for seasoned business persons, new to business and business want to be.

What is Shared Facilities Aggregation?

This segment of the shared facilities business where a business owner has more premise than they reasonably need to use. But have taken on as it is part of the entire tenancy or facility they have acquired in either rental of purchase.

It is part of our growth assistance to our workgroup office customers whom have grown and have found difficulty finding work group spaces and facilities. As such they had to have their own facilities built. (We provide Facilities Building Solutions for you too.)

So as any shrewed business owner would love a way to maximise the use of their space or lower their cost.

Here is where our new solution product line comes into play.

Add on infrastructure to have Mailboxes, Physical office space from Single Occupancy all the way to Work Group capacity, Meeting Rooms for board meetings or more to Seminar Rooms for multilevel marketing seminars, holistic sessions and more.

Keep a look out for our offerings in this area of business.

More information soon.

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