What is normally required in a Service Office

In a Serviced Office the basic function of presence and attendence is address via the basic virtual or represented form. This segment requires a small physical space for General Address, Dedicated Mail Box, Reception (General Hosted Version), Telephony (Dedicated Extention is a good offer, cost savings with an IP PABX), Fax service (Local and Remote Faxing Solution to local and international destinations is very useful. Many nifty options these days. Even Cloud provider variants with local in country distributed faxing to keep cost down), scanning services (scan from physical to email for letters and documents), document management solutions (Scan, mail, arrange and file both softcopy and hardcopy).

So items required are renovated cabinets with individual locks or electronic locking systems for up scale lower labour cost offering, receiption table with chair, Photocopier or printers with printing, scanning and faxing features), PabxPBX/KeyPhone System (IP PABX if want more features lowered costs), phone lines (can support GSM as well as standard lines) and internet connection all contained in a small location with environment  system (aircon, refreshing air) electricity and facilities for basic washing and body functions.

As you scale up to hot desking or work grouped offices your premise requirements get bigger. The earlier facilities included and scaled accordingly. Then add on of LAN cabling, LAN switches and or Wifi, desktop phones, more desks and chairs with medium partition separators, door access (general or specific access ranging from basic numeric control, to card access up to biometric.), CCTV, pantry service, pots, cups, saucers, cutlery, plates, coffee machine, water dispensers, pantry furniture and reception furniture.

Another model where the price against cost is relevant you may offer private offices for one or two persons. You could also provide a mixed environment of hotdesking and work grouped offices. The requirements are the same with a difference in scaling and quality.

Meeting facilities is a must. It can be offered from small, medium, board room or seminar scale meeting rooms. They can be offered in packaged, per head, metered mode or mixed price measure. What you would need is a good presentation systems (Projector, screens, TV), collaboration presentation tools, discussion surfaces (Glass, white/black boards, smart boards, flip charts), conferencing facilities (tele and or video).

Thats about some of the offerings that you can provide with the equipment that you will require. Just dont forget the people. No matter which model you choose to offer in what ever format unmanaged, semi managed and fully managed you will need people. It could be you or you could hire some people to fulfill a basic hold together roll for your business.

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Coming soon a New Business Partner Segment! Shared Facilities Aggregation

Coming soon for potential for seasoned business persons, new to business and business want to be.

What is Shared Facilities Aggregation?

This segment of the shared facilities business where a business owner has more premise than they reasonably need to use. But have taken on as it is part of the entire tenancy or facility they have acquired in either rental of purchase.

It is part of our growth assistance to our workgroup office customers whom have grown and have found difficulty finding work group spaces and facilities. As such they had to have their own facilities built. (We provide Facilities Building Solutions for you too.)

So as any shrewed business owner would love a way to maximise the use of their space or lower their cost.

Here is where our new solution product line comes into play.

Add on infrastructure to have Mailboxes, Physical office space from Single Occupancy all the way to Work Group capacity, Meeting Rooms for board meetings or more to Seminar Rooms for multilevel marketing seminars, holistic sessions and more.

Keep a look out for our offerings in this area of business.

More information soon.

Partner Program

If you are: –
In this Business of either providing in part or the full suite of Shared Office Solutions, partnering up with us will spread our reach in terms of geographical area and solutions.

Would like to become a Business Owner in this business but have little or no knowledge of it.
A Property Owner who would like to increase your per square foot\meter yield.
We can provide you a solution!
We, together with our partners can get you started and keep your business running.
Learn and share our methods. Get help developing one that suits you best.

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