So much to collaborate on… coffee machine on the lease

For the business owner especially in facilities solutions providing such as office space and skills for the entreprenuer small or even the expanding to the region customer to this type of offerings. There is much to learn on a daily basis to address the needs of our customers as the environment for them changes too.

As such collaboration within our industry and also helping hands to grow it mutually for new and even experienced hands is always good.

Something as simple as a choice of offering for coffee can be a great help. We have stumbled on one coffee machine provider whom leases their machines out at the cost of the coffee capsules, no upfront. At the end of a period the machine is owned by you. What makes their offering more attractive is that they provide you a loaner machine should yours require a take back to service centre maintenance activity..

Their capsules come in many flavours. And capsule based coffee machines are so much easier to handle and cleaner.

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